Many chronic diseases begin in childhood

At Futuristiq we know how to fight them. Our platform Healthy Classmates helps build positive habits for our children’s healthier future.


A healthy lifestyle means a balanced diet and regular exercise. Healthy children have better school attendance and learn more. We use data to find out how children eat at school - what they do and do not like to consume, judging by what gets left on the plate. Healthy Classmates educates students, parents and teachers on how to develop healthy eating habits within the whole community.

First, we will install a robot in the school canteen. The robot that monitors what the children eat.

Parents are sent information on nutritional values of their child’s lunch via our app. They can see how the child liked the taste of their food and compare it to the data of the rest of the class.

The goal of this project is to educate the community and the parents and facilitate a discussion. The app’s objective is not to spy and punish the child for not eating something, but to learn why the child might not enjoy certain foods and what are some tastier alternatives that could replace the necessary nutrients.


By analysing the data we can answer questions such as: What percentage of students did not finish the meat? What percentage did not touch the vegetables? Both parents and the school get a tool to monitor the canteen’s recipes' success rate. As a result, the community can get together and brainstorm how to improve the children's diets in a way that gets them the nutrients they need for their healthy development and that makes the food taste good.


The aim of our initiative is to improve children’s eating habits by using data. 97.8% of children spend time doing sedentary activities - whether at school or behind a computer or a TV screen.Over the last decade we have seen an increase in average body weight in all age groups. We will use new technologies to start a conversation about preventing chronic diseases and improving the quality of our lives.

In addition to collecting data from robots in school canteens we motivate parents to answer questionnaires about their children's movement and sleep in the same mobile app. Anonymized data will also help the Regional Office of Public Health in Banská Bystrica to understand the lifestyle of the young generation and to better focus its prevention programs. We also collect data on the quality of our environment, especially in terms of free movement of children and young people and available healthy eating options in the area through campaigns on our website


On top of the data we collected through various campaigns the interactive map shows objective data we analysed about the young generation’s health. Do not hesitate to find which programs support healthy eating and exercise in your area and feel free to take part in them.

Where can you learn more about a healthy lifestyle?

Skill Lab

Vlado Zlatoš - SkillLab

Vlado Zlatoš is a well-known expert on nutrition and functional fitness. He helps children and adults live healthier lives by regular exercise and healthy eating. SkillLab is one of his projects where he teaches people how to improve their physical and mental performance by understanding the complexity of the human body.

Skutočne zdravá škola

Skutočne zdravá škola

A comprehensive program of sustainable nutrition and non-formal education on food and nutrition for kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. Its goal is to increase the quality of food in school canteens. The really healthy schools (skutočne zdravé školy) provide children with food that is tasty and healthy and teach them basic healthy eating habits necessary for a healthy lifestyle. The project is a counter-reaction to our fast-food culture and also fights against lifestyle diseases in Slovakia

O2 Športová akadémia Mateja Tótha

O2 Športová akadémia Mateja Tótha

Focused on children, it teaches them to play sports systematically and correctly and to find joiy in regular exercise. Classes in the Sports Academy are focused on the development of general motor skills, functional development of the organism, but also on the development of basic locomotions. Currently, together with FTVŠ UK, the academy is conducting a study that deals with the relationship between movement and attention. First results say that children who work out regularly have better attention spans.

Čo jedia zdravé deti

Čo jedia zdravé deti

Projekt je založený na fakte, že imunita detí sídli v čreve a dobrej psychike matky. Sezónna a lokálna strava je najlepšia cesta ku najvyššej kvalite potravín, ktorá dnes “vďaka” deformácií kvality pôdy, vody a ovzdušia nie je to, čo jedli naši rodičia ako deti. Projekt prispieva k informovanosti rodičov a tak viacerým prosperujúcim detičkám. Od roku 2017 aj varia pre 37 predškolských zariadení, čo znamená 800 detičiek.